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Spain with extensive experience in construction and urban developments. Investment Project Omega, spol. Car Rentals, Realty Management, Wholesale and manufacture, Petroleum and Products, Restaurants, Motor, Pawn, Leasing. The courage of our foreign investors gave us the possibility of experimenting – in the variable setup of flat interiors, new.

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KÚPA STAVEBNÉHO POZEMKU RUSOVCE – JAROVCE. Gabcˇikovo, Levice, Lucˇenec and Rozˇnˇava are all poised for investment. Záhorská Bystrica 4 izbové byty. For investment projects with eligible expenditure not exceeding EUR 50 million this.

Strategically located investments for future development. Representation and advisory to several large investment funds from U. Scandinavia in Real Estate Development on C.

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The total estimated investment is €975 million. Ferrovial subsidiary, is one of the leading companies in the global investment and management of transport infrastructures. Previous company in the database: JAROTA s. Please, contact me . For Slovakia, the investment news of the year is negotiations between the government and. The concession, based on availability payments, will run for 30 years from the end of. The investment will total an estimated 975 million euro.

The construction as such is a triggered investment in conjunction with the construction. It combines finance from EU structural and investment funds, the Slovak. Výstavba domov, rekonštrukčné práce – obklady, dlažba, sadrokartón, vodoinštalácia. General supplier: Meraland, PP invest. Once the investment plan is approved, the development will begin within three years.

The problem, however, is that only a small group of investors will. Foreign investors preferred the central. Jarovce,“ konštatoval petržalský.

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Transdanubia is a traditional region of Hungary. Budapest) and most of the foreign investment came here to help the radical economic renewal. SpoloĞnÍcI obchodné meno: octarine Invest a. The project has an estimated total investment circa EUR 1 billion and involves. EUROPEAN INVESTMENT BANK ("EIB") having its seat at 100 blvd Konrad. The current interest in making real estate investments in Slovakia is better. Looking for housing or good investment?

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